Cascade of Vuoksinskiye HPPs, Russia

Cascade of Vuoksinskiye HPPs in Leningrad Region includes Svetlogorskaya (122 MW) and Lesogorskaya (118 MW) HPPs, which are in operation since 1964.

Within the modernization of hydro structures of the Cascade i-Energy Power Expert Consulting Inc. carried out the following works:

  • Update of the detailed design for units water intakes modernization;
  • Inspection of Svetlogorskaya HPP hydro structures to determine internal concrete filtration points and scope of recovery works;
  • Modernization of water intakes of Unit 1 of Svetlogorskaya HPP and Units 1 and 2 of Lesogorskaya HPP (equipment supply, construction, installation and commissioning works, authorized supervision and commissioning);
  • Modernization of contractual elements of spiral chamber of Unit 1 of Svetlogorskaya HPP;
  • Visual inspection of hydromechanical equipment and technological systems with the provision of a conclusion on their condition and recommendations.

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