i-Energy Power Expert Consulting Inc. was established in 2015 by the group of experts in the field of engineering in power generation industry in Canada. In very short terms since then we have gotten the reputation of a reliable partner in the industry, providing design and engineering services as well as carrying out erection and civil works and supply of equipment for power generating and industrial facilities in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Armenia. In 2016 we expanded our activities and established an office in Ukraine.
The most important asset that we have is our well qualified and experienced key-staff. We are very proud of each our engineer and do all our best to keep their knowledge and qualification on the up-to-date level by using the most advanced and innovative technologies in all spheres of our activities.
Also we have established partnerships with a number of designing and engineering companies, consultants, experts, construction and erection companies as well as equipment manufacturers. All this helps us to cope with projects of any complexity in the industry.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide all kinds of assistance in the construction and rehabilitation of power generation and industrial facilities in different countries all over the world.

To meet different requirements for different customers we are doing all our best to cover as much types of activities in the industry at the best quality level as possible.


Iliya Timan

Quality management

The quality of all provided services and works is our prior goal to all our employees from our President to each engineer.

We focuse on the special needs and requirements of each our customer and try to find the most appropriate solutions to solve each challenge at the best quality level.

Another our priority is environtmental safety and we take this into account for every our solution.

Now we are proceeding the certification due to International Quality management system ISO:9001.