Nizhny Novgorod HPP, Russia

Nizhny Novgorod HPP of 520 MW (8 Kaplan turbines of 65 MW each) is a 4th stage of the Cascade of HPPs on the Volga River and is in operation since 1955.

i-Energy Power Expert Consulting Inc. carried out development of the detailed design for the replacement of Unit 2 equipment including:

  • Inspection for clarification of construction and installation works volumes, rehabilitation stages and external factors influence;
  • Obtaining the initial characteristics of the hydroturbine and generator equipment, generator circuit-breaker 13.8 kV, pneumatic system, automatic control system panels, generators relay protection  supplied by the Customer under the separate agreement;
  • Terms of reference development;
  • Technical and detailed design development and transfer it to the Customer for the approval;
  • Authorized supervision.
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