Mtkvari HPP, Georgia

Mtkvari HPP of 53 MW is located in southwest Georgia on the Mtkvari River and composes of the main rock fill dam sealed by clay core, upstream coffer dam, spillway, intake structure, 9,7 km power tunnel, surge shaft, penstock, butterfly valve, two Francis turbines, powerhouse, tailrace tunnel, switchyard, and 2,7 km of 220 kV line.

Under subcontract agreement i-Energy Power Expert Consulting Inc. performed the scope of Hydro and mechanical works including equipment supply, documentation elaboration, and complete services related to designing, supply, erection and commissioning of Mtkavi HPP hydromechanical equipment for:

  • Operation and construction spillway;
  • Water supply pipes;
  • Water intake;
  • Tail race;
  • Fish pass (both Upper head and Fish pass exit).
The company also developed work execution plan for the installation of a 2x80/5 t overhead crane at a spillway.
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