Enguri HPP, Georgia

Enguri HPP on the Enguri River is the largest hydropower plant in the Caucasus. Located in the north-west of Georgia. In operation since 1978, The capacity of the HPP is 1300 MW, and the mean annual output is 4430 mil kWh. The hydro scheme includes an arch dam of 271.5 meters high, which is the 6th highest dam in the world, a deep water intake, headrace diversion tunnel, surge tank, penstocks, underground powerplant and tailrace tunnel.

i-Energy Power Expert Consulting Inc. performed design work on hydromechanical equipment at BIM Autodesk Revit, in particular for flat wheel gates with a span of 7 m width, 10.5 m height and a 10 m head.
Presentation 2020 rus